Rules of the Dojo

Karate begins and ends with courtesy. Please familiarise yourself with the dojo rules as these must be abided by at all times.

Guidelines for Students

  • Respect all dojo rules (please read in full below).
  • Demonstrate respect to the Sensei and higher grades.
  • Respect fellow students.
  • Bow to the centre of the dojo when you enter and when you leave.
  • Your teacher must be addressed as Sensei and any helper as Senpai.
  • Students must pay attention when the instructor is demonstrating techniques.
  • Do not talk during class unless permission is granted.
  • Latecomers kneel by the edge of the hall and wait for permission to enter.
  • If you need to leave the class, you must ask the instructor for permission.
  • Bow to your partner before and after practice.
  • Constructive criticism of other Karateka is the responsibility of the appointed higher rank only.
  • The belt represents your progress. Keep it on.
  • All metal objects (jewellery) or other such items should be removed.
  • Hair must be tied up with a non metal band.
  • Bring a drink to lessons, ideally water.
  • No student shall ask or challenge a higher belt to free spar. All sparring must be carried out in the presence of the instructor.
  • No foul language inside the dojo.
  • Students under 18 years of age must have prior written parental consent to be transported by any other student to any karate sanctioned event. The consent needs to be provided in writing, not verbal and is to be forwarded to the Chief Instructor before the event.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Bow to the centre of the dojo when you enter and when you leave.
  • Parents and children staying to watch lessons are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum. 
  • Small children must sit to the side and refrain from running around during the lesson.
  • Ensure mobile phones are switched off or on silent. No phone calls inside the dojo.
  • No food is to be eaten in the dojo. 
  • Refrain from any prompting tuition or communication with students whilst the lessons are in progress.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure their child is under their supervision until the child is physically inside the dojo. Dropping off children in car parks unsupervised is forbidden in view of the safety of the child.
  • The instructor will be unavailable to answer queries when the lesson is about to start or at the end of the lesson when the hall must be vacated.
  • Anybody not able to follow the rules will be asked to leave the hall.
  • Any queries must be put in an email to These will be responded to during office hours only (10am – 2pm). Text messages will not be used as a form of communication.

Uniform and Equipment

  • All karate suits and protective equipment should be purchased through the club website or direct via your club instructor only.
  • Any item (suit or protection) purchased outside of the club will not be allowed in class or competition.
  • A ‘Blitz’ branded gi must be worn at all times purchased at JHKA. All other gi brands are not allowed to be worn at the club. The only exception to this rule is our specialised kata gi brand.
  • The club badge must be attached to left chest, this is compulsory.
  • Any t-shirt worn underneath your gi must be plain white.
  • T-shirts are not allowed during summer weeks unless stated clearly by the instructor.
  • No footwear to be worn whilst training.

Club Rules & Regulations

All licensed students of a Frontier Karate Association/BIMAF licence
  • Karate techniques are not to be displayed by members outside of official club and association classes and events.
  • Students are not permitted to train individually or together outside of the organised club or association and students must train under an official Frontier Karate Association instructor.
  • All students that hold a Frontier Karate Association / BIMAF licence are permitted to take part in karate classes (inclusive of online sessions) held within Frontier Karate Association only.
  • Any students found training elsewhere without the written permission of the chief instructor, will not be adhering to the rules of JHKA/Forza/FSK/FKA/BIMAF. Appropriate action will be considered.
  • At JHKA dojos, the Chief Instructor in this case (Sensei Jade Honeywood) must be bowed to upon greeting at the club. She will return the bow to you. 
  • You must be loyal between yourself and your instructor, this bond of loyalty between yourself and your Sensei is very special, but once broken then all is lost. It all comes back to proper respect.
  • No member will gossip, discredit club members or any other styles of martial arts or members of such martial arts styles. If you are guilty of discrediting other martial arts or individuals within our club you will be asked to leave.
  • It is your duty as a member of this organisation to demonstrate at all times good behaviour and set an example that other people will follow. 
  • An open mind is kept on all issues but the Chief Instructor’s decision is final.