Gilbert Colvin Primary Club Fees

School Club Fee’s as of 1st September 2023.

Prices are based on 12 monthly payments for 35 weeks of Karate **

There are two monthly training options.

  • Once per week: Students can train once per week at your primary school after school club term time only.
  • Unlimited Training*: Students can train at multiple locations on the timetable throughout the week.

The payment option is detailed below.

The monthly fee allows you to train once per week at at your primary school after school club. If you would like to upgrade to our unlimited training option, you can do so.

*Classes are based on 12 monthly payments for 35 weeks of karate. We are closed during all school holidays. Your karate payment plan will split the cost of “term time” karate training into 12 equal monthly instalment payments and therefore August payment is due to cover the payment for term time lessons.

Please Note**

**School clubs will not run in any school holidays and students are welcome to attend Collier Row or Chingford during any additional weeks that we are still running. Class information can be found here.

The table below displays fees for new monthly members joining.

NEW MEMBER PRICES PER CALENDAR MONTHTRAINING ONCE PER WEEK (Direct debit 1st of each month)UNLIMITED TRAINING (Direct debit 1st of each month)
White to Green Belt£39.50+ £13.00 per month **
Blue Belt to Purple White Belt£44.50+ £13.00 per month **
Brown Belt to Junior 1st Dan  
School club students must train a minimum of twice per week from Brown Belt, please join one of our class locations on the website.
Family discount available for three family members training (parent/sibling)

*Terms apply

Please note

  1. All students are required to hold a valid and up-to-date licence.
  2. All students are required to wear the official JHKA Karate uniform only, no other suits will be allowed.
  3. You must give at least 1 month notice and 1 month payment should you wish to terminate membership with JHKA
  4. Should you miss a continuous 4 weeks of training without notifying the club instructor, the monthly fee will still be payable upon your return for any unpaid period.
  5. Should you miss a continuous 8 weeks of training without notifying the club instructor. We will assume you have left and should you wish to come back you will need to pay the current fees as of the date above.
  6. All payments are to be paid on the first of each month
  7. You accept that payments are based on 12 monthly payments for 35 weeks of Karate training
  8. You accept that all school clubs, Barkingside, Chigwell, Enfield, Epping and North Romford Dojo’s classes do not run through any school holidays.
  9. The unlimited training option excludes Monday at Enfield Highway Community Centre as this dojo requires a different membership fee.
  10. Any returned/failed direct debit payments may be subject to fees charged by your personal bank/building society.
  11. The current introductory membership fees are subject to increase. Additionally, memberships fees are subject to increase at least once every 18 months in line with new member fees.
  12. You accept that students graded to brown belt must join one of our main class locations on the website as they are required to train a minimum of twice per week in preparation for black belt.