FKA Squad Members

Congratulations to the following JHKA Students that have been selected to represent Frontier Karate Association at the English Kyu Grade Championships.

Well done to all those that have been selected for our Association ‘C’ squad, continue to attend squad training sessions and once you have competed at a National Championships, you will move into the B squad.

C Squad MembersĀ 

Michael Ogunyadeka

Maria Syrichas

Jenson Ward

Inga Silina

Jean Marie St Mart

Harry Morgan

Khemilya Ubor

Eliseo Ubor

Kayleigh Charalambous

Christine Charalambous

Isaac Fearn-Paoli

Gabriel Fearn-Paoli

Makayla Khiyar

To be selected for the FKA squad, students must attend FKA Squad training / selections to be considered. See calendar for further information.

FKA Squad Training 12 years plus. Sensei Simmons, Sensei Everitt, Sensei Honeywood.