JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening 2023

JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening 2023

A great night of celebrations at JHKA’s End of Year Presentation and Awards Evening 2023.

A huge thank you to everyone that supported the event and thank you so much to the people that helped run the event behind the scenes, it is really appreciated.

It has been a fantastic year for JHKA, some amazing achievements and unforgettable memories. Amazing results from our four gradings this year, some of our Super Champs became British International Medallists, fantastic squad trips to Scotland, Orleans, Porec, Worcester and Sheffield.

When we all come together as a club for our presentation night, it is nice to see everyone happy and celebrating our success! It makes all the hard work and effort that goes into this club worth it.

JHKA Congratulates our NEW Student of the Year, K. Ross

K. Ross is our youngest ever student to win this prestigious award at JHKA and this symbolises his extraordinary effort in karate this year.

K. Ross demonstrates an excellent work ethic and attitude, he is extremely committed in training and has fantastic attendance in all sessions throughout the year. K. Ross was selected to train and compete in Croatia in June this year, this was a coach-athlete only trip so at the age of 11 years old, he travelled with his karate team by plane to another country to train and compete with the worlds best athletes in karate. To top his fantastic year off, K. Ross won two BKF 4 Nations Bronze Medals, a BKF International Silver Medal and he is the current BKF International Team Champion and Gold Medalist.

We asked our NEW Student of the Year to say a few words to his club mates at our session the next day following being crowned student of the year and he said “Listen to your Sensei and you will go far” – K. Ross, 11 years old, JHKA Student of the Year 2023

It did not stop there for K. Ross at our Presentation Evening, he is also the first ever winner of our brand new award, The Karate Ka’s Karate Ka of the Year Award. All karate ka (students/competitors) are given an opportunity to vote for their peers within JHKA Karate. Student’s should take into account our karate values, culture and behaviours, combined with performance in class and competition when submitting their vote. The respect shown inside and outside of the dojo, on and off of the tatami, work ethic and effort as well as being a team player and role model.

K. Ross received the most votes and is 2023 Karate Ka’s Karate Ka of the Year!

It was extra special to have K. Ross’s Nan in the audience to see him win his awards 🤩

Honorary Black Belt

Congratulations to Margaret McClean, Sensei Jade’s Grandmother (Nanny Peggy) who was awarded an honorary 1st Dan Black Belt at this years Presentation Evening. Nanny Peggy has supported Sensei Jade throughout her entire karate career, travelling to Dallas, Texas, Venice, Italy, Amsterdam, Holland, Dublin, Ireland and many more countries when Sensei Jade was competing. Nanny Peggy is JHKA’s biggest supporter and follower. Thank you for everything Nanny Peggy, 1st Dan Black Belt.

Club Ambassador

Congratulations to Shihan Anthoni Everitt, 6th Dan. Sensei to Sensei Jade, coach to Sensei Jade, mentor to Sensei Jade, Sensei to JHKA, coach to JHKA and mentor to JHKA. Shihan has been extremely committed to JHKA and we have achieved so much in a short space of time. Our success has been uplifted by his contributions inside and outside of the dojo. Shihan has a phenomenal karate CV as a coach and he has been instrumental at JHKA and our development. This award is recognition for all of his effort and above all else, a thank you for everything. Oss

Well done to the following students who received awards at our JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening.

Student of the Year

K Ross

Student of the Year Runner up
D Hearty

Outstanding achiever
E Ubor

Outstanding Achiever Runner up
J.B Ochiabuto

Most Improved
M Sava

Most Improved Runner up
J Newman

Best Fighter
A Johnson-Campbell

Best Fighter Runner up
Ar Lack

Most Improved Fighter
C Charalambous

Best Kata
I Wyatt

Best Kata Runner up
Ar Tahsildar

Most Improved Kata
D Prajisteanu

Best Club Karate Ka
J C Ward

Special Achievement Award
H Morgan

Best Student Collier Row
E Burton

Best Student Chingford
A Thomas

Best Student Enfield
Z Chapman

Best Student Chigwell
D Austria

Best Student North Romford
D Pascariu

Best Student Epping
No Attendees

Best Student Barkingside
No Attendees

Best Newcomer
M Long

Best Newcomer
A Mistry

Best Newcomer Runner up
A Smirnova

Kimae Award
H Wyatt

Biggest Potential Award
Le Delibaltova
D Mahu
M Babin

Future Star Award
V Huzum
D Lytovka
G Trifan
H Tomas de Agrela Batalha
N Dragan

Well done to all students that have trained at JHKA this year, cheers to a great 2023 and a fantastic 2024!