JHKA 5th Junior Championships 2023

JHKA 5th Junior Championships 2023

A fantastic day at JHKA’s 5th Junior Karate Championships! 🏆

Saturday 18th November 2023

I would firstly like to thank all of the Sensei’s and assistants that helped make this competition a success. Thank you to Shihan Anthoni, Sensei Hayley, Sensei Hazel, Sensei Kobe, Senpai Isabel, Senpai Silina, Senpai Ethan, Christine, Jamie, Kai, Rhea and Zane for your excellent support.

The JHKA Junior Championships provides a stage for our students to come out of their comfort zone and perform in front of an audience. Whether a beginner or an experienced competitor, it takes great courage to step onto the tatami. All of our students stepped up and performed under pressure which is fantastic for their development and confidence! We were very excited to see new and talented students coming through and we have selected some of them to start training monthly with our developing squad.

A very well done to our higher grades, you were a fantastic example to our club. It was clear to see that JHKA have made some fantastic progress and improvements in our kata performances and our club has talent in both disciplines.

To all those that didn’t win a medal this time, well done for taking part and the experience gained will guide you to your next victory! Winning and loosing on the day did not matter, simply taking part made you all a winner on Saturday. A special mention to our first timers who did brilliant.

Well done to all GOLD Medallist and Trophy winners.

The results are in!

4-6 years Kumite

  1. A Jackson 🥇
  2. I Chapman 🥈
  3. J Gwilliam 🥉
  4. G Trifan 🥉

4-6 years Slam Man

  1. A Jackson 🥇
  2. J Radu 🥈
  3. E Bouaru 🥉
  4. J Gwillaim 🥉

7-9 years Kata

  1. Z Khelloufi🥇
  2. J Kan 🥈
  3. I Chapman 🥉
  4. K John 🥉

7-9 years Kumite (Boys)

  1. A Spiers 🥇
  2. D Mahu 🥈
  3. M Sava 🥉
  4. M Pirbudak 🥉

7-9 years Kumite (Girls)

  1. L Morgan 🥇
  2. A Reed-Long🥈
  3. E Thomas 🥉
  4. S Choda 🥉

7-9 years Slam Man

  1. D Mahu 🥇
  2. M Sava🥈
  3. E Thomas 🥉
  4. L Morgan 🥉

10-12 years Kata

  1. K M McIntosh 🥇
  2. H Wyatt 🥈
  3. A Thomas 🥉
  4. K Singh 🥉

10-13 years Kumite (Boys)

  1. J Ward 🥇
  2. Ad Tahsildar🥈
  3. J Ward🥉
  4. J Rakaj🥉

10-13 years Kumite (Girls)

  1. A Thomas🥇
  2. Li Delibaltova🥈
  3. M Walters 🥉
  4. Le Delibaltova🥉

10-13 years Slam Man

  1. J Ward 🥇
  2. G Varvarici 🥈
  3. J-B Ochiabuto🥉
  4. Ar Tahsildar🥉

13-18 years Kata

  1. I Wyatt🥇
  2. L Sanders 🥈
  3. C Charalambous🥉
  4. A Johnson-Campbell🥉

14-16 years Kumite Male

  1. A Johnson-Campbell🥇
  2. E Burton 🥈
  3. L Sanders🥉
  4. J Ward🥉

14-18 years Kumite Female

  1. K Ubor 🥇
  2. E Ward 🥈
  3. C Charalambous 🥉
  4. I Wyatt🥉

Fantastic day! Let’s now look forwards to our JHKA 4th Open Karate Championships in May 2024!