JHKA Super Summer Academy 2023

JHKA Super Summer Academy 2023

A brilliant five day SUPER SUMMER ACADEMY 2023! 🀩

A huge well done to all students at JHKA! Each and every student trained hard, tried their best and had lots of fun on all five days!

Well done to this years award winners and all students giving 100%.

Well done to our winning team this week taking home the gold medals πŸ… 

πŸ₯‡ Captain J F Ward – KARATE CUBS


πŸ₯ˆ Captain H Morgan – THE LARUSSO’S

πŸ₯‰ Captain E Burton – THE DEVILS 🧻

πŸ₯‰ Captain A Johnson-Campbell – SUPER CHAMPS

5️⃣ Captain I Wyatt – TEAM CANDY

5️⃣ Captain K Ubor – PIGEON NUGGIES

Congratulations to all students that were awarded on the course:
Student of the week:

Student of the week:
1st Place πŸ₯‡ A Johnson-Campbell (Chingford Dojo)
2nd Place πŸ₯ˆ C Charalambous (Collier Row Dojo)
3rd Place πŸ₯‰ L Morgan (Collier Dow Dojo)
3rd Place πŸ₯‰ M Long (Chigwell Dojo)

Higher Grade Awards
Best Kata πŸ… R Chapman (Enfield Dojo)
Best Kumite πŸ… A Thomas (Chingford Dojo)

Lower Grade Awards
Best Kata πŸ… G Marshall (Enfield Dojo)
Best Kumite πŸ… L Sanders (Collier Row Dojo)

The T-Shirts this year looked amazing as ever, the students trained hard and earned lots of stripes on their belt which is why these courses are excellent β­οΈ

Well done to all the Sensei’s (Sensei Anthoni and Sensei Hayley) for your hard work this week and every single week.

Huge thank you to our Academy guest, English International Amelia Harvey for such an inspiring kumite seminar held at both dojos! The students were excited throughout this experience!