The United Kingdom Karate Awards 2023

The United Kingdom Karate Awards 2023

A resounding celebration echoes through the halls of the Frontier Karate Association today as we honour a truly remarkable individual. Our illustrious Chief Instructor, Shihan Paul Simmons, a 6th Dan beacon in the world of Karate, has been recognized at the prestigious United Kingdom Karate Awards. A true testament to his undying commitment to the discipline, Shihan Simmons has earned the coveted Bob Poynton Award for Community Development.

This award has been conferred upon him by none other than Ticky Donovan, O.B.E, a Karate luminary himself, a 10th Dan maestro and the esteemed former coach and manager of both England & Great Britain teams. Such a gesture of acknowledgement from a titan in the world of Karate only amplifies the enormity of this accolade.

It is with a heart full of admiration and pride that we, the Frontier Karate Association, salute the achievements of Sensei Paul Simmons. His tireless efforts have not only enriched our community but have also elevated the status of Karate within our borders, instilling a sense of respect and devotion that goes beyond mere admiration.

So, on behalf of each member of our association, every pupil who has had the honour of learning from Sensei Paul, every staff member inspired by his dedication, we extend our deepest gratitude to him. We celebrate his accomplishments and commend his unwavering commitment to nurturing the spirit of Karate within our community.

Sensei Paul, your award is a reflection of your relentless dedication, and it is as fantastic as it is well-deserved. Congratulations! Today, we stand a little taller, basking in the glory of your achievements. It is not every day that a true champion walks amongst us, sharing his wisdom and passion. For that, and for everything you do, we thank you.

Sensei David ‘Ticky’ Donovan OBE 10th Dan awarding Sensei Paul Simmons 6th Dan at ‘TUKKA23’