JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening 2019

JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening 2019

Overwhelmed with the support and the great presentation evening we held for JHKA on Friday 6th December.

2019 has been a great year for our club and we are all growing and getting stronger together.

Thank you very much to all our parents that take time out to bring children to our classes and courses, all the hard work is paying off and its really nice to celebrate all together and share our achievements. 

A special mention to I Wyatt, she is crowned student of the year for the third time having last won this prestigious award in 2016. Truly deserving of this award and signifying her continuous determination to maintain working as hard as she can in karate.

Bring on 2020!! The year of karate in the 2020 OLYMPICS IN TOKYO, JAPAN!!!!!

Well done to the following students who were awarded for their achievements at our JHKA End of Year Presentation Evening.

Student of the Year 2019

I Wyatt

Student of the Year Runner up 

J Honeywood

Outstanding Achiever 

H Morgan

Outstanding Achiever Runner up 

Z Chapman

Most Improved 

M Ogunyadeka 

Most Improved Runner up 

C Charalambous 

Best Fighter

A Johnson-Campbell 

Best Fighter Runner up 

J F Ward

Most Improved Fighter

J Marie St Mart 

Best Kata

J Ochiabuto

Runner up 

J Rakaj

Most Improved Kata

R Chapman

Best Student Collier Row

E Burton 

Best Student Chingford 

J C Ward 

Best Student Enfield 

M Syrichas 

Best Newcomer

A Savva

Runner up 

P Jagoda 

Kimae Award 

E Ubor 

Runner up

S Brooker

Club Karate Ka of the Year 

K Ubor

Special Achievement Award

I Fearn-Paoli


#DreamBig #OOSHAA 🥋