1st Forza Premier League Karate Cup

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1st Forza Premier League Karate Cup

On Saturday 24th March, JHKA students competed at the 1st Forza Premier League Karate Cup. This competition was open to all members of Frontier Karate Association.

For many JHKA students, this event was their very first competition since starting karate. We was extremely proud of all JHKA students as many faced some experienced competitors across all three discipline; Kata, Kumite and Slam man.

This event has definitely provided all students with the opportunity to understand the competition environment. Lots of experience gained and all students demonstrated exceptional control during kumite and slam man.

A special mention to those that medalled at this event.

  • Adam Emambacus (Bronze) – Kata
  • Adam Emambacus (Gold) – Kumite
  • Ayla Tonbul (Bronze) – Kumite
  • Ayla Tonbul (Bronze) – Slam Man
  • Harry Morgan (Bronze) – Kata
  • Dennis Prajisteanu (Bronze) – Slam Man
  • Isabel Wyatt (Silver) – Kata
  • Isabel Wyatt (Silver) – Slam Man
  • Kieran Norris (Bronze) – Kumite
  • Alex Hutt (Bronze) – Kumite
  • Alex Hutt (Silver) – Slam Man
  • Michael Ogunyadeka (Bronze) – Kata
  • Michael Ogunyadeka (Bronze) – Kumite

It was also great to receive such positive feedback from both students and parents after the event. Thank you to Sensei Anthoni Everitt of Forza Karate Club for the opportunity.

To take part in the next Forza Premier League Event (2 of 3), please register and make payment for the selected categories here.