JHKA Grading Success

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JHKA Grading Success

Well done to all members of JHKA who successfully passed their grading in January 2018.

Congratulations to our brand new Brown belts at the club:

  • Kieran Norris
  • Alex Hutt
  • Ethan Burton
  • Leo Cela Valentine
  • Gabriel Fearn-Paoli
  • Isaac Fearn-Paoli

A special mention to Isaac Fearn-Paoli who is JHKA’s youngest ever brown belt! Fantastic achievement Isaac.

Thank you to our FKA Association Coach Anthoni Everitt for attending and supporting this grading.


JHKA Higher Grades in Collier Row

JHKA Beginners in Collier Row

JHKA Intermediate Grades in Collier Row

JHKA’s Jenson receiving his first belt with a distinction!