JHKA Presentation 2017

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JHKA Presentation 2017

Our very first J Honeywood Karate Academy Presentation and Awards evening took place on Friday 8th December 2017. Approximately 120 people were in attendance to celebrate all of our success in 2017 as well as all that we have to look forward to in 2018 as JHKA. I would like to thank everybody that came along for your support on the night. I was overwhelmed with how well it went and extremely proud of all of my students.

Congratulations to the JHKA 2017 Award Winners!


Student of the Year:                                             Leo Cela Valentine

Student of the Year Runner up:                    Ethan Sence

Outstanding Achiever:                                       Gabriel Fearn-Paoli

Outstanding Achiever Runner up:              Taydjan Turgut

Most Improved:                                                     Alex Hutt

Most Improved Runner up:                           Dennis Prajisteanu

Best Kumite:                                                           Aaron Johnson-Campbell

Best Kumite Runner up:                                  Valerie Henderson

Best Kata:                                                                Jesse Honeywood

Best Kata Runner up:                                       Ethan Burton

Most Improved Kumite:                                  Erin Hantson

Most Improved Kata:                                        Kyri Michael

Best Newcomer:                                                   Inga Silina

Best Newcomer Runner up:                          Ava Ogunyadeka

Special Achievement Award:                       Isabel Wyatt

A special mention to the best dancers on the night, who danced the night away! Aisling Byrne, Maisie Howard, Christianna Davies and Erin Hantson!

Thank you to my family for all of your hard work on the night. Special mention to my Nan who awarded the Special Achievement award to Isabel. I am looking forward to the next one and lots more students to award!

Check out our gallery page with all the photos from the evening!

Sensei Jade Honeywood