Frontier Squad Training – 2/12/17

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Frontier Squad Training – 2/12/17

On Saturday 2nd December, JHKA attended our very first kumite squad training session as part of our new association, Frontier Karate Association (FKA). Both Sensei Anthoni Everitt (5th dan) and Sensei Paul Simmons (5th dan) ran the kumite session and selections for the English Kyu Grade Championships that are being held in January 2018.

The kumite training worked on punching drills, blocking and counter punches and it concluded with hook and sweeping techniques. It was great to see all students ending the session successfully knowing how to sweep their opponent.

I was very proud of all JHKA students that came along to train and select on the day. I was also very pleased that you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one!

Congratulations to the following students that earned their FKA squad badge and were selected to compete at the English Karate Kyu Grade Championships, this is a massive achievement so well done!

  • Isabel Wyatt (Individual and FKA Team)
  • Aaron Johnson-Campbell (Individual and FKA Team)
  • Alex Hutt (Individual)
  • Leo Cela Valentine (Individual)
  • Jamie Ward (Individual)