Online Karate Classes

Wado Ryu karate for children 4 years plus in Collier Row, Chigwell, Chingford and Enfield. Private lessons available

JHKA Karate Classes are now taking place live and online. These online karate classes will be providing the same level of expert tuition by JHKA Chief Instructor and Frontier Karate Association National Coaches.

JHKA and Frontier Karate Association coaches have given hours of preparation and planning to ensure our service to you, to deliver karate tuition and continue every students journey to black belt or national champion is maintained. The service that we offer and the value that is placed upon this service is supported by more than 20 years of karate and international level experience by Sensei Jade alone. Furthermore, online karate classes are now being held by England National Coach to our very own National Karate Squad which displays the strength in this online method. We invite all of JHKA Members to adapt to this new way of learning and embrace it.

JHKA are keen for you to have a club to return to when this settles down and as such we are asking all members to keep their memberships active as the continuation of the club relies solely on your support and not cancelling your standing order / monthly payments. 

The provisions at this present time will be online karate classes in line with government guidelines to stay at home. These guidelines support JHKA guidelines that have always encouraged students to practice more at home! Lets “Kick – Start – Karate – at – Home” for the future.

JHKA will be providing students with weekly online karate classes exclusive only to our monthly members. This will be via a closed online portal about to be launched for all students who pay by standing order/monthly payment, meaning all students have their own training source. While venues are temporarily shut, JHKA is still open and providing the same service via online stream.

To take part in the online training with JHKA, parents must ensure:

  1. Karate licence is valid and in date, if it is not in date, please click here to renew. (New members of the club, click here).
  2. Parents – have you agreed to the conditions of training at home? Click here to submit your agreement.
  3. School club students, if you would like to take part in the online training material, please click here to become a monthly member and complete all necessary steps. (A payment for the remainder of the current month will be required and a standing order will commence on the 1st of next month.)
  4. Please ensure all sessions are completed in full karate suit and belt. (A belt of hope should be worn if owned). You can also purchase a belt of hope here and this will be delivered to your address.